Audio Intercom

LEM Audio: Hands-free Intercom System

  • LEM Audio: Hands-free Intercom System


  • Open voice communication
  • Push-to-talk at master; hands-free at remote
  • LE Sub stations; either door station or room sub station
  • Voice volume control
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  • Power source : 6V DC - Use SKK-620A
  • Communication : Sub calls in with tone, press TALK button to reply, sub called by tone or voice, hands-free as sub (with LEM-3 : LED, 20 sec., depress selector button)
  • Communication Output : 350mW
  • Wiring : Door/Sub to master: 2-cond., overall shield
  • Distance : Door/Sub to farthest master: 650’(22AWG) 1,600’(18AWG)
  • Wire Type : Aiphone #822202 or Aiphone #821802