Audio Intercom

IE-8MD: Chime Tone Intercom System

  • IE-8MD: Chime Tone Intercom System


  • Two doors with selective door release
  • Room-to-room calling or All Call
  • Easy 4 conductor wiring between handsets
  • 2 wires to door stations, same as doorbell
  • External doorbell can be added
  • AC or DC powered - (12 - 16V AC or 12 - 18V DC)
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  • Power source : 12-16V AC - Use AC transformer PT-1210N; 12-18V DC, 500mA
  • Communication : Door calls in with 4 or 2-tone chime and LED, pick up any handset to reply, press 1- 6 to call other station with pre-tone and voice or All Call, single channel, common talk system
  • Door Release : Contact rating: 24V AC/DC, 350mA
  • Wiring : Door to master: 2-cond. Master to subs: 4-cond.
  • Distance : Door to master: 500’(22AWG) 1,180’(18AWG) Master to farthest sub: 245’(22AWG) 580’(18AWG)
  • Wire Type : Door to master: Aiphone #822202 Master to farthest sub: Aiphone #832204