PA System (Public Address)

BS-1034 & BS-1034S Wall-Mount Public Address Speakers

  • PA System PA Speaker Box Speaker


  • Innovative speaker design
  • Low profile
  • Beautiful design due to the Golden Ratio (1: 1.618)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Thanks to the ingenious location of the TOA logo, the speaker creates a distinctly different impression depending on whether it is installed horizontally or vertically.
  • Two colors are available: BS-1034 is off-white, which matches any interior style, and BS-1034S is silver, which adds a quality appearance.
  • Ideally suited for BGM and announcements
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  • The BS-1034 & BS-1034S are wall-mount speakers matched with a supplied plug-in speaker receptacle, for easy installation. The 10W rated input BS-1034/1034S combine a low-frequency 5" (12cm) cone-type speaker and a high-frequency balanced dome-type speaker. An M4 screw terminal input connector allows easy connections. The speakers are driven on a high-impedance (100V or 70V) line, with rated inputs. The speaker enclosure's design proportions are based on the Golden Ratio (1: 1.618). A low profile blends in well with room décor. Both vertical and horizontal installations are possible. Enclosure and grille net color is off-white, except on the BS-1034S, which comes with a silver net grille.