EAS System

Crystal Door II (AM)

  • EAS System Detection Antennas


  • Using a German original motherboard, advanced intelligent acousto magnetic detection technology, digital system and the most advanced Digital signal processing technology.
  • It has a periodic self-detecting according to the electromagnetic environment, to achieve the correct alarm.
  • Advanced Digital signal processing technology and a mono mode control technology, preprogrammed Embedded System, shows all the interference signal and tag/label signal real time on computer screen with a software. It is convenient and intuitive to adjust the system.
  • Multi-aisle detecting technology: processing all the signals through the Digital filter, to reduce the blind spot detection for tag/label, it effectively improve the tag/label detection range.
  • A good resistibility to interference signal, hardly false alarms, low power consumption, a good compatibility.
  • Wireless sync technology: with the software, it has a selective synchronization bursts for different phase angle, preventing interference in a same frequency. Eliminating the need for cumbersome operation of signal synchronization.
  • It has an elegant appearance, refined and elegant shape design, using an imports acrylic material, combine fashion with durability all together.
  • It applies to all the acousto magnetic tags/labels of 58KHz
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  • Input voltage: AC220V
  • Rated current: 100mA
  • Rated power: lower than 20W
  • Operating frequency: 58KHz±200 Hz(default)
  • Repeat sending bursts frequency on each antenna: 37.5Hz (50Hz synchronization), 45Hz (60Hz synchronization)
  • Repeat detecting frequency on each antenna: 150Hz (50Hz synchronization), 180Hz (60Hz synchronization)
  • In turn sending bursts frequency on 3 antennas: 37.5Hz (50Hz synchronization), 45Hz (60Hz synchronization)
  • Width of sending bursts: 1.6ms
  • Receiver detecting time width: 1.6ms
  • Sound and light alarm voltage: DC12V
  • Sound and light alarm current: 100mA
  • Selective alarm time: 1~10seconds
  • Style of alarm sound: 4 kinds
  • Fuse specification 1: 100mA
  • Fuse specification 2: 800mA
  • Fuse specification 3: 800mA
  • Operating temperature: -10℃ to 60℃
  • Operating humidity: 0%-95%