EAS System

Deactivator Pad (AM)

  • EAS System Deactivator Pad


  • This deactivator pad is apply to supermarkets、malls、bookstores、pharmacies and more, demagnetizing altitude range up to 15cm, demagnetizing rate up to 120pcs per minute.
  • Fast and Non-contact demagnetization, responsive, demagnetizing rate up to 120pcs per minute.
  • Top grade digital signal processing technology, outstanding quality.
  • The small size made it can install in a small space.
  • Compatible with antennas system, the antennas system and demagnetization system can both work steadily, that won't has a electromagnetic influence.
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  • Output: 18V/20W
  • Demagnetizing frequency range: 56~59KHz
  • Demagnetizing height: 15~18cm
  • Demagnetizing speed: 120pcs/min