Retail Store Solution

Retail Store Solution

Shops crowd busy and often have cash settlement to avoid trick to losses, in addition, to install CCTV as a deterrent and also real-time monitoring and record evidence when disturbed can grasp.

Example of Solution

Here is the example of 24 hours convenience store as an example, overview how the headquarters remote monitor the security and operation of shops in different locations.

In Store:

- Decide the location that need to install CCTV / burglar alarm. In this example is ATM, cashier's counter, entrance, storage and aisles.

- Each location has CCTV monitoring and storage of images by their own computer networking.

Headquarter / Control Center:

- Authorized persons such as control centers and department head, the device can view images through the different shops of instant case.

- Authorized persons can also view images through mobile devices, such as a licensed mobile phones or laptops.。

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Retail Store Solution